Free video slots – the “Kings” of gambling world

Free video slots – Origin, peculiarities and “destiny”

Free video slots are very popular among gamblers thanks to simplicity, accessibility, bonus system, including free spins, deposit bonus and many other additional gifts. And this part of gambling industry has a great variety of games. There can be fruit slots, movie themed slots, free slots video poker, progressive jackpot games and many others. New games appear practically every day that makes players’ lives more exciting with a great choice of source of joy.

What is “Motherland” of free video slots

There are 2 main claimants, that are usually considered as the pioneers of free casino video slots. First of them is a Company “Sittman and Pitt” that designed a gambling slot machine in 1891. It had 5 reels with 50 different cards. One turn cost 5 cents and the winner was that player, who got poker combination on the display.

The second “founder” is Charles Augustus Fey, who invented his machine somewhere between 1887 and 1895. This type of “free video slots” allowed getting payouts, based on a bet, automatically. It had 3 reels, instead of 5 ones, and there were special symbols, but not the cards. The symbols were: diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, spades and a liberty bell.

Then the epoch of fruit machines took part. And as gambling was forbidden, the prizes were bubble gums and candies. They were very popular and could be met in shops, cafes and different saloons.

One of the first free casino online video slots was designed in 1976 by “Fortune Coins”. It was used quite a big screen to play the game, but all eyewitnesses approved the innovation, and since that time the era of online gambling started its development.

What is so attractive in free video slots

Everything that is free is always attractive for everybody. If to speak about online video games, the following advantages can be mentioned.

  • A great variety of free video slots floating around the Internet.
  • An opportunity to check own skills before trying to play for real money.
  • To develop own gambling professionalism without paying a dollar.
  • To get excitement with no need to open own pocket.

But the mentioned pluses are just general ones. Every gambler has a chance to find own aspects, which will be attractive only for a specific person.

What should slots wait in the future

If to consider the progressive rate of slots development, there can be nothing else but their further evolution. Many gamblers can tell that 10 years ago it seemed the industry had been expired, but it is still alive. And it will be for sure. It’s just enough to look at the games, which are the most popular among players’ society. Many of them are of 1990-s or 2000-s, and they are still of great interest. And there are no hesitations that 2030 will meet the gamblers with fantastic video slots from 2010-s or 2020-s. It can be called the law of gambling industry. The industry will never die.

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